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Fit 4 Sport Wellness Workshop Series

Health Habit Hacks 101: Creating Sustainable Habits that Last

How many times have you tried to start an exercise program, change your eating, or develop a good habit only to stop after your willpower has failed you?  You are not alone!  

In Health Habit Hacks 101, you will learn that your past unsuccessful attempts at change are not because of a character flaw, they were a design flaw!   You will learn simple strategies that enable you to develop habits that are actually sustainable for the long term, based on behavioural science.  As a group, we will use a common nutritional challenge,  getting enough veggies in, as an example of how to apply these strategies. 

Join Lifestyle & Wellness Health Coach, Vickie Grierson for this inspiring and interactive inaugural workshop Monday November 29, 6:30pm

Participate in 3 ways: In-person at Fit 4 Sport Bowmanville, Live via Google Meets or watch the recorded session at a time that works best for you!


Email [email protected] to register