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What long term stress does to our bodies & minds...

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Stress, good and bad, is a part of life. The body's response to stress is primitive and meant to protect you from something life-threatening! In modern time, however, your body does not distinguish between the wild beast about to attack you, that our ancestors had to deal with, or the brutal traffic you have to deal with every day! The good news is...there are many ways you can reduce the effect of the stress in your life, exercise, of course, being one of them! Click on the button below to learn more!

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TED Ed Talk About the Effects of Chronic Stress

"Sleep is the Best Meditation"

- Dalai Lama

How Much Sleep do we Need?

We all know that excellent sleep is essential to optimal health. In particular for athletes, those who are recovering & rehabilitating from injury, or those who are physically active, quality sleep promotes the regeneration and recovery needed from training loads & stresses imposed on the body. How much you need varies greatly from person to person. The general recommendation for adults is 7-9 hours, with adolescent athletes requiring up to 10, and elite athletes (training 4-6 hrs/day) needing 10-12! How do you know if you've gotten enough? You should feel wakeful & alert throughout the following day. (NSCA Strength & Conditioning Journal, Oct 2013)

Steps to Quality Sleep 

1.Establishing a regular sleep routine is key to improving sleep quality. As often as possible, go to bed and awake around the same time each day...weekends included!! (NSCA Journal of Strength & Conditioning, Oct 2013).

2. Block artificial light during sleep & eliminate use of electronics in the hour prior to sleep! Sunlight, detected by the cells in our retinas, keeps our body in a 24 hour pattern. Artificial light in the hours prior to bedtime & ding the night disrupts this pattern, reducing the quality of sleep & it's beneficial hormone release! (Sleep foundation.org)

"Good posture and an attitude let you get away with anything."

Lorna Landvik

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I've always emphasized to my physiotherapy students the importance of a posture assessment...it gives us so much information! Posture is the base upon which we do everything...breath, eat, move, sleep! If our posture is not optimal, none of what we do has a chance of being optimal. This Ted Ed video gives the best explanation as to the importance of healthy posture (as I straighten myself up while I type on my laptop!!)

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Ted Ed Posture Video