Virtual Strength & Conditioning

We are pleased to offer virtual versions of our services for those who prefer or are unable to attend in-person sessions.  Physiotherapy and chiropractic assessments and treatments are currently covered by most extended health care insurers during the COVID 19 pandemic.  We also offer virtual Functional Movement Screen assessments and follow ups, as well as virtual coaching of strength & conditioning & Pilates programs that have been custom created for you.

Is this your first time using Fit 4 Sport's Telehealth/virtual coaching service powered by Jane App?   Our amazing clinic software, Jane, has prepared a great and easy to follow video and guide for you to prepare for your first appointment!  Planning to use an Apple device (iPad or iPhone) for your session, scroll down to access a direct link to the Apple mobile device guide!

In preparation for your session, please have a mat, a chair and some open space so you can move freely.  If you have bands, weights or other equipment currently used in your home program, please have them available.  If you are undergoing a Functional Movement Screen, please have a dowel or stick available.  Please be prepared to set up your device so we can view your movement head to toe in standing, sitting and lying.

Janes Guide to Telehealth Appointments

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Apple Device Instructions

Click here to learn how to set up for your Telehealth session on your iPad or iPhone!  

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