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Functional Movement Systems

Fit 4 Sport offers direct billing for the following Extended Health Care Insurance Companies:

Fit 4 Sport is proud to offer Functional Movement Systems at our Bowmanville and Campus locations. 

 The Functional Movement Screen is used by several professional sports organizations such as the NHL, MLB & NFL to keep their athletes healthy and in the game!!  This amazing healthy movement assessment is now available to staff and students of Durham College and Ontario Tech U at our Campus Health location!  

Vickie Grierson is a Certified FMS, SFMA & Y-Balance & FCS (Functional Capacity Screen) Practitioner, enabling clients to reap the benefits of this incredible system from early injury through to optimizing sport and fitness performance.

Functional Movement Screen

The Functional Movement Screen is used to evaluate the quality of 7 movement patterns commonly used in sport and fitness in individuals not currently experiencing pain.  It is designed to place the athlete in challenging positions to expose movement deficits.  Corrective exercises are then prescribed that improve movement patterns, making the athlete more efficient in their movement, setting the athlete up to better acquire sport skills and improve performance!

Segmental Functional Movement Assessment

The Segmental Functional Movement Assessment is a medical movement diagnosis system designed to quickly identify the source and potential causes of pain, and direct where detailed assessment and treatment should be focused.  The source of pain is not always the initial or perpetuating cause of pain.  That sore knee is often a result of compensation for tight ankles or weak hips! 

Y-Balance Test

The Y-Balance Test is used to ensure there is symmetry in motor control between sides once injury is resolved and/or healthy functional baseline movement is restored.  Asymmetry is one of the main risk factors for injury!  By identifying and resolving asymmetry, we give our athletes the best platform to build all aspects of sport performance and reduce future injury risk.